Sheri Cole

Sheri Cole has been designing jewelry for 20 years. This creative pursuit began as a hobby, first learning to make dream catcher earrings. Loving the shimmer, color and feel of beads she pursued her interest in making unique jewelry. .Largely self taught, Sheri has worked with wire, stained glass, alcohol inks, metals, cold connections and chain maille. Sheri also works as a social worker, often with women, and admires their strength, courage and resiliency amidst adversity. Each woman is unique and powerful and jewelry provides the perfect avenue for expression. Inspiration for the designs comes from many places – nature, color, movement, even mistakes! Each piece of jewelry created is dreamed of and designed in Saskatoon. “Shimmer” is her latest collection, a combination of stainless steel, aluminum and Swarovski crystals and pearls. Stainless steel has a bright silvery finish which is resistant to tarnish. It is also light weight and durable. It has become an increasingly popular choice for jewelry. The flow of this metal seems akin to the movement of water. The flow and edge of steel with the vibrancy of the crystals and pearls creates beautiful combinations – a blending of the masculine and feminine. Strong but soft, powerful but tender, simple but striking. Yin and Yang.

Paul Trottier

“When I work with brush and paint in nature, I am reminded that I am a finite piece of a larger work.  I experience my sense of belonging, my sense of place, I begin by soaking in the energy of the land; I look, listen, smell, touch and taste the intensity of a spot.  These feelings help me derive inspiration and connection to that presence.  My brush quickly moves across the canvas while I am filled with a feeling of intimate inspiration until I sense the piece is complete.  When my work is going well I am filled with energy = a flow and recognition of that particular place and slice of time.  When people view my work, I’d like them to be filled with an emotional connection to the subtle power and non-monetary value of nature”.

Paul is the former director of the Kenderdine U of S Campus and Art School and is the owner of Hues’ Art Supply.

Patricia Katz

Patricia Katz began studying watercolor painting in 2002. Brush, paint and paper quickly laid claim to her heart; and her sketchbook and paints are now constant travel companions.

Pat considers herself an Appreciative Adventurer—someone who finds joy and beauty wherever she is and wherever she goes. In art, as in life, she shares the inspiring message that Life Is Good. Her greatest hope is that others feel heartened and uplifted in the company of her work.

In 2011, Pat began sharing and marketing her artworks through the Pauseworks Studio. In 2013, she published a collection of her works in book form under the title, Sketches of Saskatoon.

To learn more about her journey as an artist and see more of her work, visit and .

Kathy Bradshaw

KATHY BRADSHAW is a Saskatoon-based artist who works with a range of subject matters in oil and encaustic, an ancient medium treasured for its luminosity, layering capabilities and mysterious nature. Since receiving her B.F.A. with great distinction from the U. of S. in 2005, Bradshaw has taken an array of classes from local and international artists, participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Western Canada and won several awards for her landscape work and animal portraiture.  This June, she will be attending the 12th Annual International Encaustic Conference in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Expressive mark-making, colour, texture, light, and shadow all play a powerful role in Bradshaw’s art.  Her current focus is the power of space in the northern landscape and animal portraiture. Equally fascinated and haunted by the vastness of the prairies and the solitude and complexity of the forest, Bradshaw takes inspiration from Thoreau’s teachings to convey the landscape as a form of escape, a return to self and a means to spiritual growth.  Similarly inspired by the spiritual and symbolic connections in animals, she seeks to capture their character, beauty and strength through gaze and gesture.

Bradshaw’s work is part of private, public and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Valerie Hinz

Raised in the rural community of Muenster Sask., Valerie Hinz’s first memory of her art was drawing a horse in her one-room schoolhouse during first grade. Years later she was described by the director of the International Museum of the Horse in Lexington Kentucky as “the freshest, most wonderful person doing horses in the world”.  Her one-woman show was one of the most popular in the Museum’s history.

As a horsewoman, painting equine was a natural direction to go.  Hinz was the official artist for the 1999 Queens’ Plate and 2003 Breeders’ Cup.  She was awarded “Artist’s Choice” at the 2009 Calgary Stampede Western Art Show.

The high realism Valerie once painted in the 70’s has given way to much more impressionistic stokes, most always inspired by light, no matter what the subject.  Valerie suffered a life changing accident and during her recovery she studied art techniques and light.  “I believe that good comes from bad and when I realized I wasn’t able to do anything, even paint, I was finally able to give myself the time to read and absorb what I needed to learn.  Before the accident my painting was stiff, but with the new understanding I began to paint looser, to interpret and that’s when it started to  all come together for me. “

Collector Julie Sifton of Toronto described Valerie’s work “She has a wonderful eye and takes a normal scene and makes it something special.  There’s just something about her brush strokes and the way she layers the paint.  You just see it and you love it.”

Valerie’s subject range is vast including equine, barnyard, western and floral.

The Black Spruce Gallery is pleased to present Valerie Hinz’s work

Paula Cooley

Paula Cooley is a professional potter and educator, represented in many permanent collections and has been artist in residence at several prestigious colleges throughout Canada. Her work is refined with organic colours and is constantly evolving. Her “Landscape” line has flowing greys and greens on a cream background reminiscent of hills and water. Paula resides in Saskatoon.

Parsons Dietrich

Wendy Parsons and her son Zach Dietrich are the co-owners of Parsons Dietrich Pottery.  Wendy has shown extensively and been an art educator for many years.  Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science in Fin Arts (Regina) and a Masters in Museum Studies from University of Leicester, UK. And is a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Alberta Council for the Arts.  Zach specializes in handbuilt designs and is currently apprenticing to build his craft.

Paige Mortensen

From the interesting textures in the Ginwashi paper to the tactile nature of layering wax and watercolour, the watercolour batik process continues to fascinate me. It is like an intriguing mystery unfolding in front of me. I bring my patience, compassion and understanding to the challenges of building layers of transparent colour and wax. Choices need to be made about which colours will build on top of each other to express the feeling of the piece in progress. Equally important, are the decisions about which areas of colour to preserve with wax before another layer of colour is added. As the wax layers are applied the previous layers become more difficult to see and the painting process becomes more intuitive. When the final darks have been added the wax is ironed off. At that point I experience the excitement of finally seeing it clearly!

Whether the subject is architectural or something from nature it is a reflection of me. I usually work from my own photographs but once I am working, the photo becomes less important and my choices come intuitively. The finished pieces have a quiet, intimate presence that fascinates viewers with their soft colours and rich textures.

Noreen Napin

Hand made Mittens!  They are made from 100% recycled materials (wool sweaters on the outside and fleece blankets on the inside finished with a button on the cuff).

They come in a variety of sizes and colors with each one a unique work of art which appeal to both men and women.